Entry to Singapore

Checklist for entry to  Singapore from Tuesday 26 April 2022 @ 0001h (Sg time) for:

  • Fully vaccinated travelers (13 years old & above)  and
  • Children aged 12 and below (i.e. born in or after 2010) regardless of vaccination status.
Valid International Passport With more than six months validity( at least 186 days before travel date)
Valid Entry Visa
*Short Term Visitors only
For visa-required visitors.
Please check: https://www.ica.gov.sg/enter-depart/entry_requirements/visa_requirements
Proof of Vaccination To qualify for the health and entry protocols accorded to fully vaccinated travelers, ensure that you have the relevant proof of vaccination if you are aged 13 and above :

1. Digitally verifiable Vaccination Certificate with QR code if possible

2. Vaccination certificate with the following details in English, or translated to English with notarisation:

  1. Name (per travel document used for entry)
  2. At least one other personal identifier, e.g. date of birth or passport number (per travel document used for entry)
  3. Country of vaccination
  4. Name of vaccine(s) administered, i.e. different names for different vaccine type
  5. Vaccination date(s)

Click here for the list of acceptable vaccines.

Travellers are encouraged to verify their DVC via the Vaccination Check Portal (VCP) before arrival in Singapore. This is an optional step, and travellers can continue to enter Singapore if they produce the requisite vaccination and entry (if required) documents.

SG Arrival Card (SGAC) To be completed 72hours before Arrival (https://eservices.ica.gov.sg/sgarrivalcard/)
The SGAC replaces the physical arrival “White Card”, which is no longer in use.
Pre-Departure Test (PDT) Fully vaccinated passenger or child* aged 12 years or below in that calendar year are not required to provide PDT proof. 

*Child Aged 12 and below (i.e. born in or after 2010) regardless of vaccination status

TraceTogether App  Install and Activate Mobile App. More info: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/faq#TT

Travelers aged 6 or below this year are exempted from installing TraceTogether.

If you encounter issues activating TraceTogether:

  1. Submit a request for assistance to support@tracetogether.gov.sg; OR
  2. Collect a TraceTogether token after arrival for a one-time fee of S$13

*For Non-Fully vaccinated Travelers (include Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, aged 13 and above [i.e. born before 2010] ) :– please refer to checklist at https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/arriving/general-travel/non-fully-vaccinated 

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Update: 25 April 2022

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