Ferry Schedule

LATEST : Revised Ferry Schedule from 30 March to 30 June 2020

This schedule will be further reviewed as the border controls and COVID-19 situation evolves.

Wednesday only
From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
(Singapore Time)
From Bandar Bentan Telani
(Bintan Time)
1110 1435


  • All timings shown in local time.
  • Bintan is one hour behind Singapore Time.
  • Additional trips may be scheduled for peak holiday season. For enquiries, please contact our HelpDesk at +65 6542 4369.
  • Private Charters are available on request, subject to availability. Please click here for more info.
  • Check trip availability on desired dates here.
  • Passengers who choose to travel on a turnaround timing schedule are to ensure that sufficient time is given for clearance for the returning trip. BRF will not be liable if the passenger fails to board the ferry in time due to immigration or other reasons.
  • Passengers who have connecting international flights out of Changi Airport are to ensure that their return trip from Bintan arrives at least 5 hours before the departure time of their connecting flight out of Singapore. Unexpected delays may be caused by inclement weather, security spot checks by the local authorities or any other unforeseen circumstances. BRF will not be responsible for any misconnection arising from any delay if there is insufficient time allocated for connecting flights.
Date Time Date Time

Check-In Time:

Passengers are advised to check in and collect boarding passes at BRF Check-in Counter  at least 1 1/2 hours before departure time. BRF reserves the right to cancel booking if boarding pass is not collected forty minutes before departure.

Important Documents Required for Immigration Clearance:

  1. International Passport (require minimum 6 months validity from date of travel)
  2. VISA, if required.
  3. Embarkation Card
  4. Boarding Pass
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