Emerald Class = efficient & easy way to Bintan Island

To make the most of this service (especially if you are unfamilar with Singapore/Bintan Island) upgrade to Emerald Class when booking.

After checking in at its own dedicated counter, Emerald Class passengers have their own lounge to relax in both at Tanah Merah (Singapore) & at Bintan. Free tea, coffee & soft drinks too in the lounges & during the ferry ride. You are also the last to get on board & the first to hop off the ferry.

For foreign visitors, Visas on arrival can be purchased on board the ferry to Bintan Island. Enquire beforehand how much money you ’ll need, it varies depending on how long you will stay. U.S. dollars are the preferred currency for Indonesian immigration, otherwise you ’ll have to line up at their V.O.A. counter before lining up again for passport control.

Leaving Bintan Island, your passports are processed whilst you wait in the lounge. No need to queue at passport control there.

The ferry ride itself is quiet & peaceful. Like an airplane you check your suitcases in while bringing on board your carry on bags. They weigh the suitcases too, very useful if you have to catch a flight soon afterwards & unsure if you exceeded your baggage limit.

The seats are wide & comfortable (rather like business class in airplanes). A great service all round.

JetAge Explorer A (In Tripadvisor)

Lost Camera

I stayed at Angsana Resort Bintan and I took a shuttle bus from hotel to Tanah Merah Ferry on 5 April morning about 8:35am. On the way, I lost my camera bag with 1 Canon Camera and 2 lens in shuttle bus.

I really appreciated the sincere service and follow up from Ms Ima and Ms Norin. First of all, they found my camera in a short time and help send to Cathay Pacific office and contacted with their manager in charge Mr Suresh Rains K. for further arrangement.

Finally I received my camera on 6 April 2010 noon time.

Lam Yin (Hong Kong)

Great Job, Crew / Captain!!

The captain / crew, Hata gave very important pointers on prevention from vomiting for my 68 year old grandfather. Very observant and thoughtful!

Suni Hanan (Singapore)

Keep up the excellent service

When ferry hits debris in water, captain was very quick to calm passengers and explain situation. Keep up the excellent service.

Robert Stables (Britain)

Very nice & helpful!!

Travelled many times, it is pleasure people always, very nice & helpful!!

Russell Thomas (USA)

Lost Ring

My husband and I want to say thank you to the master of the ferry from Singapore to Bintan on 19th Feb at 11.10 am. because he found my ring which I lost on my way to the ferry. Mr. Negara gave it back to me promptly.

His two colleagues were very helpful. So, once again I’d liked to thank all of them for their quick response and helpfulness. I am very happy!

L. Westphal (Germany)

Excellent Service

I am writing to compliment one of your staff, Norintan A Rais, Customer Service Executive. I emailed to check & made some enquiries. This is the first time I am going to Bintan Resorts & I have booked tickets online. Norin replied me promptly & professionally.

She went an extra mile by sending me an attachment of my booking confirmation. I am very impressed by the excellent service rendered by Norin. She is a role model. I have yet to travel to Bintan but I am already impressed. Thank you, Norin.

Keep up the good work.

Ahmad Kabeer (Singapore)


I would like to send my appreciation and compliments to customer service officer, Irene.

We were caught in massive jam on that morning and was terribly late for our ferry which was scheduled to depart at 0910. As we all know that we have to check in at least half an hour prior to the ferry departure, my boyfriend and I are prepared to forfeit the 0910 ferry ticket and purchase a fresh ticket for 11.15am ferry. But, Irene was very helpful. we were rejected at the gate, and when we went back to the ticketing counter, Irene was already on the line, trying to reach the captain to give us a chance to board the ferry.

I was impressed with the service and she definitely deserve recognisation in this aspects.

To the captain: Thank you very much for giving us a chance to board the ferry, even though we were extremely late. And to Irene: Keep up the good work. Thank you BRF to creating a wonderful Bintan holiday experience. 🙂

Tan Mei Jie (Singapore)

Thumbs up for Honesty

I lost my wallet with few thousands of dollars on Wan Seri Beni. Was found by AB Bonny Mario Warroka and handed to me by Capt Simon.

I am very happy on account of this help and friendship!!

Juergen Lehmann (Germany)

Excellent Customer Service

My appreciation to your staff Miss Yanti for helping me to change my schedule to Bintan.

Miss Yanti has displayed great professionalism in her duties by being courteous, patient and willlingness to assist and help. Her performance is an asset to BRF and I felt it should be recognised. Congratulation BRF.!

Jeffrey Loh (Singapore)

Compliments for CSO Aryanti

We would like to compliment CSO Aryanti for her assistance in getting my whole family (group of 15) on board to Bintan for our annual holiday trip.

There were limited seats at points of booking online, with seat availability constantly changing. She walked me through the processes of making several changes, showing great empathy and patience.

We finally managed to firm up the bookings for the whole group this morning. We are very glad to be served by her. Her professionalism is greatly appreciated and must be complimented on.

Caroline Lee (Singapore)

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